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Pulau Maluku

When most people think of Indonesian oud, its usually Borneo oud oils that first come to mind as they are the most common. Ouds from Papua island are a close second. As for islands like Sumatra, Sulawesi, or Kupang, then very few people have come across ouds from there.

But even more exotic and remote are the tiny Maluku islands of the Banda Sea, that lie between Borneo and Papua. We are excited to be the first to ever offer an oud oil from Maluku to oud lovers around the world.

Undoubtedly, the hallmark feature of this oil is its soul-soothing quality. We all know that wild agarwood trees are rapidly disappearing from jungles. But given the remoteness of the Maluku islands and the difficulty of transporting agarwood from there, it was never seen as one of the centers of agarwood of Indonesia. For this reason, some of the wildest and oldest agarwood trees today are to be found in the virgin jungles of Maluku. And as many of you have noticed in other oils distilled from extremely old trees, Kalbar Koh being a prime example, the oud displays a timelessness, a quality not seen in ouds distilled from younger trees. Call it spiritual, psychoactive or whatever you want - its soothing, satisfying, and downright addictive. And Pulau Maluku displays it more than any other oud oil we've offered to date.

Its fascinating what effect geography has on the scent of an oud. In Pulau Maluku, you find both Borneo as well as Papuan elements.
The opening is a fusion of vapory Borneo notes coupled with the sweet golden, almost pine-like resinous aroma of northern Papua ouds. A sweet ambergris-like oceanic note starts to emerge as the oil develops on your skin, wrapping the scent in its soft embrace.
At times, you'd almost swear its a Borneo oud. It certainly has a syrupy base and a hint of vanilla, not unlike Kemenyan and Borneo Noir. Sniff your wrist again, and you'd be amazed to encounter what smells like a classic southern Papuan Merauke oud - minus the muddy smell found in most Merauke oils. Dark, woody, and with subtle suggestions of liquorice and herbs.

Pulau Maluku not only combines the most loved features of Indonesian ouds from different islands, but it also brings some completely new scent notes to the palette as well. And best of all, the complex scent spectrum is enveloped in a depth found only in ouds from the oldest of trees.

Without a doubt, in Pulau Maluku, you have one of the wildest and rarest ouds ever distilled.

I believe this is the oud that I've been seeking out for a long time :D . Its also the first time I've ever purchased more than a sample of size of any oud.
Its a cool breeze that has traces of camphor and caramel, situated somewhere between a warm clean ocean and a lush rain forest. I must agree that while it combines the best of borneos and Papuans, it also has its own distinct characteristics. Out of all the ouds I've tried, I feel that this one mixes the sweetness of Kuno Kayu with a less brooding version of Minyak Merauke rain forest floor, containing an albeit different yet still just as elusive mystic and ethereal property from [another vendor's top shelf product]: it refuses categorization.
I can still hardly believe that this most amazing oud is also the most affordable one I've come across. How did you manage to keep the cost so low when the wood came from such virgin forests and ancient trees?
L.B. (USA)

A really wonderful, balanced scent.  It really does have everything you're looking for in an oud, that indescribable something that makes your heart skip and makes you sit up straight and open your eyes wide, the sweet woodiness, the dark earthiness, and even the vapory and honeyed notes that I like so much. 
O.O. (USA)

Directly from the bottle, I am greeted with a strong aged agarwood scent. On the skin a wonderful scent, with lots of herbal and jungly notes unfolds. A few moments later, a sweet Borneo note emerges. I get  also a bitter-orange peel scent.
Slowly, the Papuan jungly notes take over again. It is a constant medley, it changes back and forth between the Borneo sweetness and the jungly and herbal notes riding a-top the agarwood scent that (at least to my nose) reminds me of my favorite oil, a well-aged Laotian oil that I acquired some time ago. The Maluku Islands, as Taha wrote on his website,  are situated between Borneo and Papua, so you will find notes of both these regoins in this oil.
T.S. (Germany)

I think that i like this oil the best of all i have from you so far.
J.C. (USA)

The Pulau Maluku is amazing right from the start.
I am in love with it every step of the way. It has a certain sweetness and a very light, breezy quality about it at first. I can smell some pine like notes a little later on, but it's not really pine, it's very light and aromatic, more herbal than pine. It's hard to figure out.
If it resembles a forest or jungle area, then it would be one that is filled with light and open air. A place where the breeze floats through the trees.
It retains that light, airy, breezy feel right through until the nice woody oud settles in at the end. If I had to choose just one, I think this might be it.
M.T. (Canada)

One of the top Indonesians you have offered since I have been buying from you.  This oil is great and smooth with an edge.  It has that light smokiness and mellowness in the background.  It has hints of Borneo's coolness but is definitely not a typical Borneo.  It has that pinyness, but pinyness does not quite do it justice as pinyness evokes huge majestic Pacific Northwest United States evergreens and this is more icy cool.  This sharp pinyness is too graceful to be huge and majestic.  The smoky note takes me away to lands of clear water oceans with green tropical trees and bright sun with sea foam waves.  The Indonesian sharpness waits behind the smokiness like a headhunter behind the trees waiting to devour me if I do not heed the hospitality to relax with the smokiness by the campfire and enjoy the fresh feast of vaniila, mint and communion with the rest of the tribe.
E.T. (USA)

It seems to unite in perfect harmony, Definitely an oil in stark contrast to any oil I've ever tried.
Each time I sniff my wrist I like it more..
L.R. (Norway)